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Buffalos Rest

As our famed explorers traversed the country on their journey they witnessed great sights.

Set out from St. Charles, at half past 11 oClock a.m. and proceeded on, passed Several branches of the Dardan Creek a branch of the Mississippi, through a Butifull high rolling Country intersperced with plains of high grass Most of them rich & fertile, and encamped at a Pond at the out Skirts of the Settlement in a butifull Plain, near a few low trees. had a Camp guard of 1st. 2d & 16 privates Many of the Citizens visit us this evening 21 miles.~ Journal of William Clark, August 25, 1808 written during his expedition to build Fort Osage

I assended to the high Country and from an eminance I had a view of the plains for a great distance. From this eminance I had a view of a greater number of buffalow than I had ever Seen before at one time. I must have Seen near 20,000 of those animals feeding on this plain.~Journal of Meriwether Lewis South of the White River, August 29,1806

During the Great Migration, settlers and pioneers viewed The Boon’s Lick as the premier route to the West.

During the first, second, and third years of my residence here, the whole current of immigration set towards this country, Boon’s Lick…. Boon’s Lick was the common centre of hopes, and the common point of union for the people. Ask one of them whither he was moving, and the answer was, ‘To Boon’s Lick, to be sure.‘ ~ Timothy Flint, 1826


In St. Charles, “For two bits of Spanish silver coin (a common currency in the area, thanks to the Santa Fe trade), a weary traveler could get a hot meal and a place to sleep at a Tavern like Sign of the Buffalo on South Main Street.”

 Today, our refreshed Buffalos Rest will provide you with the utmost relaxation while you immerse yourself in the history of the Inn and its surroundings. The Boone’s Lick Road directly in front of your room offers you respite from your day of exploring. Our top tier highest quality of Amity Home luxury linens, sheets and Adaste Turkish towels will enhance your well-deserved evening sleep on a luxurious memory foam King bed. Western expansion décor delights your senses as you step in the room. Room features recessed lighting with an elegant chandelier and includes a Keurig coffee machine, a Possible bag with snacks for your trek around town, HD smart television, iron/ironing board, step in shower(no tub) and quality personal items. 

Buffalos Rest gives one an opportunity to feel the excitement of an upcoming adventure, but in a way that focuses on your well-being rather than the hardships of travel to The West. It is one of two rooms on the garden or ground level of the Easterly wing of the Main Inn, the guest room is the closest accommodation to walk out parking including a private outside entrance. Comfortable garden seating is near the room to watch the hustle and bustle of the Historic District. lease NOTE: These rooms are in an active tourism destination pedestrian area. Other rooms we offer are in our Cottage building (2 rooms), Duquettes Westward Supply and Attic Loft. 

Rate Ranges: Weekday/Weekend: $189- $299 before tax

Rates are subject to change. Holidays, festivals and special events rates vary.