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Duquette’s Westward Supply

Continuing to refresh and revitalize this historic Inn we are now introducing Duquette’s Westward Supply guest room. Housed on the second floor of the Main Inn building built in 1843 by two prominent town folk, William Carter and Dr. Caleb Rice some history was uncovered in the early title research of Madam Duquette and her relationship to the building. Fanciful stories talk of a brothel at the location. However, Madam Duquette offered many a Travelers Rest point. Supplies were stocked, provisions secured, maybe a nice meal dining in at The Western House across the street.  This building continued to witness the Great Westward Migration from 1841-1880 when a local newspaper reported “that a 1000 wagons per week” headed west on Boone’s Lick Road toward the “jumping off” point for the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails in Independence, Missouri.

During renovation in the 1980s V’Anne spent many nights keeping water at bay from a leaky ceiling while waiting for construction to start. She created a poem that encompasses this building and the generations and time it has withstood.

Through floods and storms and snow and ice.

Through sunny days and perfect nights…

For more than 180 years the Carter-Rice building has silently watched the passing parade in Saint Charles at the corner of Main Street and the Boone’s Lick Road as it completes the tout ensemble of the district. You as our guests, are a part of that passing parade, as you spend a night or two in this 1840 inn.

This refreshed and upgraded room is welcoming you the weary traveler, corporate goer, seeker of a different type of upscale lodging that offers you rest, respite and to immerse yourself in the most recognized National Historic District. The room has new recessed incandescent dimmable lighting complete with an exquisite chandelier for an intimate comfortable feel. The king bed will offer luxurious comfort with fine Turkish linens from Adaste Home and Peacock Alley All Seasons blankets and coverlets complete with soft touch Amity Home throws. The largest room of the Main Inn offers a standard tub and shower combination with bath salts and foaming bubble bath, large closet and the original coveted hardwood pine flooring. Enjoy your morning coffee from the Nespresso beverage center as you Step back in time overlooking Main Street with this and other new upscale amenities such as a beverage cooler and a westward supply snack pack. Relax and reenergize your soul as you step into this slice of history with supple but simple luxuries that pioneers would have eagerly enjoyed before their trek west connecting with the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails. California dreamin’… 1843 style.

Rate Ranges: Weekday / Weekend: $239 -$319 before tax

Rates are subject to change. Holidays, festivals and special events rates vary.